Meghan Todt, Violinist

This page contains examples of Meghan's work in diverse genres.

Classical solo:  J.S. Bach Partita No. 2 in D minor, Sarabanda (studio recording by Andrew John Kim)

Session work: "I Want It All" by Lucky and DeAndre (produced by J Chris Griffin; with Maya Bennardo, violin 1; Josh Henderson, viola; and Kristine Kruta, cello)

Pop: "The Story of My Life" cover (studio recording by Andrew John Kim; with Marissa Duchowny, vocals; Allyson Clare, viola; and Danielle Merlis, cello)

Chamber: Dmitri Shostakovich String Quartet No. 7 (live performance at the Round Top Festival Institute, with Christa Cole, violin 1; Edwardo Rios, viola; and Michael Ljungh, cello)

Chamber: György Ligeti String Quartet No. 1 (live performance at the Round Top Festival Institute, with Joseph Duque, violin 1; Laura Williamson, viola; and Magalí Toy, cello)

Collaborative arts: Ensemble Dance Choreography Showing (live performance)

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